Ischus, pronounced ISK-US, is a Greek word, whose meaning may be summarised by the phrase,

‘Ability in action‘

You might ask, ‘ability to do what?’.

The answer is that we are specialists in solving computer software and hardware problems. We design, develop, maintain and re-engineer software. Within this our main feature is our versatility.

This means that we are very good at solving problems. We can tackle software issues, write programs for you (small or large), handle data and databases and adapt and modify in-house programs for you.

We offer our versatility combined with our expertise.

To provide you with the flexibility you need.

We keep our costs, and yours, low by using well established, open source and free software tools where appropriate.


  • Founded in 2003 by physicists.
    Ischus are Chartered Physicists and Members of the Institute of Physics (IOP).
  • We have direct experience of understanding the issues and theoretical underpinning that hardware engineers build on and so the dialogue between them and us is efficient and unambiguous.
  • We are problem solvers with highly developed analytical skills and are particularly good in novel and complex situations
  • We have experience reaching back 40 years and have intimate knowledge of computational hardware and peripherals at the component level, experience with a range of communication protocols and detailed understanding of the construction of operating systems and utility programs. We have donated many early  computers to the computer museum set up by the University of York’s Archaeology Data Service 

Integrated projects:

  • Ischus has capability from embedded devices through desktop applications, to web based applications.

For an informal discussion about how we can help you, please call us on 01909 532288, or send us an email.