Unique Software Solutions  are specialists in solving computer software and hardware problems and produce both application and embedded software. We have re-engineered, updated, enhanced and rewritten legacy software.

Unique Software Solutions  have worked with many engineering companies and have solved numerous problems for them. Maybe we can help you.

Our main services are:

Bespoke software development

Software re-engineering and

Solutions to hardware and
software problems

Bespoke software development

  • Software that is tailor made for your company, in consultation with you.
  • You are given the entire documented project, including the source code.
  • Further development and customisation is possible as your business changes, at your pace.
  • You have the freedom for further development and customisation with your choice of developer. We do not lock you in to using us.
  • No unwanted extras.
  • No annual license fees.

Software re-engineering and development

  • Is your documentation lost? – No matter, we are able to work with your existing code.
  • No source code for your software? – No matter, we can re-engineer a program without it.
  • What language is your software written in and is this important? – No, we have the expertise to improve and enhance legacy programs, whatever language they are written in, including the conversion of DOS programs to Windows.
  • Your software performs complex functions and you don’t want to lose them during development. – We understand this and have much experience and expertise in maintaining the original code functionality.

Solutions to hardware and software problems

  • Can Unique Software Solutions¬† help solve your issues? Why not try us?
  • We are problem solvers with highly developed analytical skills and are particularly good in novel and complex situations.
  • We have direct experience of understanding the issues and theoretical underpinning that hardware engineers build on. The dialogue between them and us is efficient and unambiguous.
  • Our deep understanding of electronics and protocols enables us to emulate your plant at our offices. This means we require limited access to your equipment and resulting in little or no downtime for you.

We are skilled at writing programs to manage databases. Whatever your data we can create a database and a program for you so that you can access, search and manage the data in the way you require.

Call us on 0845 4686000 or email us to find out if we can help you.

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